Riding Club Liability

LVI Provides a High Level of Trust, Industry Knowledge and Unwavering Commitment

LVI understands your members demand a trusted, quality company with the knowledge to properly write a coverage that will protect their assets from participation in the club and its activities. The protection that is provided to your members is invaluable. The increasing cost to defend oneself from just and unjust claims could easily bankrupt a small club and financially cripple a large one if not properly covered.

The Club Liability can include the following coverage's:

  • Club related only activities of members
  • On and off premise exposures
  • Shows
  • Spectators
  • Exhibitions
  • Clinics
  • Club Meetings

LVI understands your club is unique, and not all club situations are the same. Your operation needs to be able to adapt to the ever changing needs of your members and we are here to help.
For example most Clubs promote:

  • Increase knowledge and skills in Horsemanship
  • Breed improvement
  • Community awareness
  • Fund Raising endeavors

These activities and their varied exposures, as well as those listed previously, pose unique liability exposures for your members. LVI has the flexibility to custom tailor a Riding Club Liability policy to cover the unique exposures that may not be adequately covered currently.

The policy will pay up to the limit of insurance of all sums which you become legally obligated to pay for as damages due to bodily injury or property damage to which the coverage applies. Limitations and exclusions may apply (please refer to individual policy).

Coverage for personal exposure of your members can be provided individually through Private Horse Owners or Stableowners policies.

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The coverage's described above are summarized and subject to the terms, conditions and exclusions printed in the policy. Refer to the policy form for specifics on coverage and limits. Also, all coverage's are subject to state law, which may vary materially from stated information. In providing this material, LVI assume no liability beyond that provided under the terms, limits and conditions of the insurance policies it has issued.