Private Horse Owners Liability

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LVI understands the private equine owner has unique exposures that can pose a problem for traditional insurance. Typical homeowner's insurance programs have become more restrictive in how they treat large animals like horses. Key concerns when thinking about your coverage:

  • Am I covered off premise?
  • Am I covered if my horse gets into the road and others are injured?
  • Am I covered if my horse kicks or bites someone?
  • Am I covered if non-family members are riding the horse?
  • Am I covered if I let the boarding facility use my horse for lessons?
  • Am I covered if I am at a show and a person is injured?
  • Am I covered if I keep the horse at the track?
  • Am I covered if I keep my horse at a stable?

Who is Responsible?

We know these questions will spur others to come to mind, but these questions are enough to see that owning a horse is not a small insurance issue. The problem with homeowners policies is that they are designed to cover the typical exposure related to being a homeowner, such as a shed, garage, swing set, even a pool or hot tub; not personal equine ownership needs.

The Private Horse Owner policy is designed to cover the horse owner who is not personally involved in the commercial business of training, racing, breeding, board of horses, providing riding instruction, or any other commercial equine activity. The policy limits coverage to bodily injury and property damage caused directly by a horse, owned by the insured and scheduled (listed) on the policy. These activities and their varied exposures pose unique liability exposures, which need special designed products tailored to these exposures. LVI has the flexibility to custom tailor a package to cover the unique liability exposure that may not be covered under normal personal liability policies, such as a homeowner's policy.

The Private Horse Owners Liability program is written under the Stable Liability Policy. This policy works as a complement to the Homeowners policy. The policy is used when there are no public equine operations on premise or the insured keeps their personal horse off premise at a boarding facility or pasture. The liability is for acts of the insured's horse that may cause bodily harm or property damage to others. The horse may be in the care and control of the facility, however, a claim could result in the insured being named in a suit. The policy will provide defense coverage.

Off premise exposure is common with horse owners who live in town and have their personal or show horse or possibly 4-H horse boarded elsewhere. They may take their horse to shows and events all year long. This policy would cover them at a show or event and would provide bodily injury/property damage/defense in the event of an occurrence. So if the insured is at show, in a parade, trail riding, on the track, in a rodeo, show jumping, etc. and the animal steps on a spectator's foot, or bolts into the crowd, you are covered. If the animal is spooked and kicks a vehicle, the policy would respond to any bodily injury or property damage that the privately owned horse had caused.

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The coverages described above are summarized and subject to the terms, conditions and exclusions printed in the policy. Refer to the policy form for specifics on coverage and limits. Also, all coverages are subject to state law, which may vary materially from stated information. In providing this material, LVI assume no liability beyond that provided under the terms, limits and conditions of the insurance policies it has issued.