Livestock Mortality

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At LVI we understand that the rearing, training, racing, showing or breeding of an animal often represents a considerable financial investment. Our Livestock Mortality insurance is a specialized program designed to protect your unique investments.

LVI's Livestock Mortality is a life insurance policy for your horse, with you as the beneficiary. Your policy will pay actual value of the horse at the time of accident or illness causing its death, not exceeding the value specified in the policy. If your horse is sick or injured before the policy expires and you have reported the sickness to the insurance company, your coverage will be extended for 12 months and the insurance company will pay your claim should the horse die within that time from the same cause.

Policy Coverages

LVI offers open peril coverage, subject to exclusions including:

  • Full Mortality
  • Theft
  • Emergency Colic Surgery*
  • *subject to no previous history of colics or surgeries

Optional Coverages Available

LVI understand that every client is different, so we offer the option of additional coverages with our Livestock Mortality Insurance Policy. We can customize a protection plan tailored to your specific needs:

Surgical Coverage
Every equine enthusiast knows that emergencies risking a horse's life call for quick thought and immediate action. It's no time to be worrying about insurance coverage. This endorsement allows you to care for your horse effectively, comforted by the knowledge that all reasonable, necessary and customary charges by a licensed veterinarian will be covered.

Agreed Value
With the Agreed Value endorsement, the equine enthusiast is assured that he will receive the full amount for which his horse is insured at the time of loss.

12-Month Extension Clause
Insured horses that had an illness or injury within the policy period, coverage is extended for an additional 12-month period for the illness and/or injury for mortality coverage only.

Stallion Permanent Disability
The success of equine breeding programs is largely based on the good health and vigor of the stallions it utilizes. Stallions are the equine "calling card" of a major farm, sometimes even synonymous with farm in name and reputation.

When stallions become totally and permanently impotent, infertile, or incapable of serving mares, it is frequently a true setback for the Owner, Breeder or Syndicate Shareholder. Stallion Permanent Disability insurance protects breeders and owners regarding one of their most valuable living assets.

Loss of Use - Show Horses Only
Loss of Use is available for show horses only. This endorsement is applicable when a horse becomes permanently and totally unable to perform its intended use **as described on the endorsement page. The policy holder is reimbursed 50% of the insured value at the time of loss.
**The permanent and total disability must be due to accidental, external, sudden and violent means.

Prospective Foal Coverage
This insurance coverage is for unborn foals in utero at 42 days and extends through 30 days after foaling.

Embyro Transfer Unborn Foal Coverage
This insurance coverage is for your embryo transfer 42 days after being safely placed in a recipient mare. Much like prospective foal coverage, this will continue through 30 days of age after foaling.

Air Transit Coverage
The dangers involved in equine air travel include the unfortunate possibility of animals becoming uncomfortable while in route. Air Transit coverage provides the horseman with important protection in the event a horse is determined to be of danger to the safety of the aircraft, crew, passengers or cargo and must be destroyed.

Worldwide Coverage
For an additional premium this coverage extends the territory for which your horse is insured.
**Not all coverages are available to all breeds and/or uses. Please contact LVI for detailed terms and conditions.

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The coverages described above are summarized and subject to the terms, conditions and exclusions printed in the policy. Refer to the policy form for specifics on coverage and limits. Also, all coverages are subject to state law, which may vary materially from stated information. In providing this material, LVI assume no liability beyond that provided under the terms, limits and conditions of the insurance policies it has issued.