Commerical & Personal Farm Automobile

LVI Provides a High Level of Trust, Industry Knowledge and Unwavering Commitment

At LVI we understand that your farm autos are an integral part of your farming or ranching operation. The generic Web-based auto coverage may be okay for your city cousins but you need a company that understands the special uses of automobiles in conjunction with your farm or ranch.

Automobile Liability

LVI offers a Combined Single Limit of Liability coverage because we understand that not all losses fit into the compartmentalized limits found in a split limits policy. The Combined Single Limit policy will allow your insurance coverage to adapt to the demands of a loss whether it is Bodily Injury or Property Damage. You have the full limit available if one person is injured, several people or there is heavy property damage. Put the flexibility of LVI's Combined Single Limit policy to work for you today.

Uninsured/Underinsured Motorist

Although you can't pick the liability limit for the guy that crosses into your lane, you can protect yourself and your family in case the limits he selected are less than your Uninsured/Underinsured Motorist Limits (UM/UIM).

Physical Damage

In addition to the cost to repair your vehicle, we offer even more optional coverages to minimize the financial impact of a Comprehensive or Collision claim:

  • Loan/Lease GAP coverage
  • Rental Reimbursement
  • Audio, Visual and Data Electronic Equipment coverage
  • Towing

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The coverages described above are summarized and subject to the terms, conditions and exclusions printed in the policy. Refer to the policy form for specifics on coverage and limits. Also, all coverages are subject to state law, which may vary materially from stated information. In providing this material, LVI assume no liability beyond that provided under the terms, limits and conditions of the insurance policies it has issued. This program may not be available in every state.