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Larry Viegas Insurance Services, Inc. is a full service Equine and Farm focused Insurance business with a licensed, and friendly staff. We have over 30 years of knowledge in Farm, Ranch, and all Equine Insurance needs, and have policies to suit all your needs. Our Insurance services include both Farm and Ranch Packages and Commercial Equine Liability.

Farm & Ranch Packages


Each package is tailored to your needs and includes property and liability coverage for equine from the small pleasure horse farm on up to the equestrian estates and commercial operations. Our packages include coverage for your house, barns, shops, garages, fencing, tack, arena, and other equipment. we can also provide coverage for your autos.

Commercial Liability


This coverage is very important if you perform any commercial equestrian activities such as boarding instruction, training, breeding, horse sales, etc. Coverage is provided if a third party who is injured or whose property is damaged sues you. The policy covers defense fees and pays claims for which you are legally liable up to the limit of the policy.

Livestock Mortality


LVI's Livestock Mortality is a life insurance policy for your horse. If your horse is sick or injured before the policy expires and you have reported the sickness to the insurance company, your coverage will be extended for 12 months and the insurance company will pay your claim should the horse die within that time from the same cause.

You Can Trust Our Experience
. Larrgy Viegas Insurance is a must for all horse and ranch owners to protect their investments. All of our horse insurance programs have been designed from the ground up for horse owners and professionals, by horse owners. This attention to detail ensures that the program you choose, whether an equine mortality policy on a single horse or a comprehensive horse farm insurance program on your large commercial facility, will be custom fit to suit your needs.

What You Need to Know

Why do I need horse insurance?
The cost of insurance is minimal when compared to the overall costs of maintaining your horses, paying for colic surgery, or paying a lawsuit. It'll probably cost more to enter your horse in a shown than to ensure it.

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